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 Mass Effect: Revelation

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PostSubject: Mass Effect: Revelation   Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:25 pm


Chapter One
Mass Effect: Revelation
Every good story has a beginning and end. The tale shown between these knots, the string of events that is the plot, can depict literally anything.
So why not be different for once?

The barrel of the Predator heavy pistol was right up against his forehead. His hand trembled as his index finger gently caressed the trigger. Adrian could feel his hand flex and muscles tense as he finally pulled down on the trigger, his fate dragged with it.
Time seemed to stop. The sweat on his forehead beaded as his entire life flashed before his eyes.

"C'mon Adrian, I know you can take more than that."
It was Adrian's 18th birthday. He was sitting on a small red barstool in Afterlife, a popular club in Omega. Adrian's wingman, Andros, was sitting beside him, a sly grin on his face. Of course the turian had challenged the human to a drinking contest on his eighteenth birthday. It was well known that turians could take quite the quantity of alchohol without dropping. 
Adrian's human hand was trembling and sweating lightly.
"Andros... I don't think I can..." he started, voice trembling. He set down the half finished cup of alchoholic beverage. It would've been his seventh. Andros, however, was already through double that amount. Andros smirked.

"Done already? Shame. C'mon, I'll help you back to the ship before Alan gets here."

Adrian nodded, slinging an arm around the turian's shoulder. He couldn't stand too well, and received some applause from some onlookers. From the amount and type of drink he had swallowed, he was pretty dang good for a eighteen year old.
As they left Afterlife, Andros began to speak again.

"You think your parents are gonna be pissed if they found out?" Andros asked as they approached the docking bays.
"You know it. I gurantee I'd get a lecture from Tali..."
As a result of growing up in a military task force environment, he was very formal and called his parents by name, not 'Mom' or 'Dad'. Especially not mom, because he was quarian.

Andros helped Adrian into the Normandy SR2, peering down a hall. It was late at night.
"All clear."
Andros and now able to walk Adrian went to the elevator, taking it down the crew's quarters. Adrian smirked. Well, that had worked. He got out of the elevator and walked down the halls. He stopped as he spotted someone walking down the hall.
"Crap, it's your dad!" Adrian hissed as he spotted Garrus. Andros froze up.

"Well, well well, now who do we have here?" Garrus asked as he approached the boys. He smirked as he saw Adrian.
"Happy birthday. I won't tell your parents. Consider it your birthday gift."

Adrian smiled. "Will do, s- Garrus," he said, cutting himself off. He had already been told by Garrus not to call him sir. This wasn't a military academy...
...but it sure seemed like it.
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Mass Effect: Revelation
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