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 Once Fallen, a fanfic by Ameliaflower

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PostSubject: Once Fallen, a fanfic by Ameliaflower   Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:21 pm

Okay, this is a fanfic one-shot that I made in tribute to my favorite comic book character of all time: Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool.


Why do we do what we do? What is it that drives us to the extremes, making us discover things we didnít know about ourselves? What drives us to kill? To heal? To love? To hate? To keep living? Animals have it easy. All they go on is one thing: survival. But usÖ what do we go on? Why do we go on? What is it that makes us human? If we lose that one light of who we are, what happens to us once we are swallowed by the shadows?
He went by many names. Wade, mercenary, murderer, assassin. On this earth, there are none who understand each other better than he and I. When we escaped, only we had fought back. Only we had known the touch of Death. Now, when I see him, I know that Death is what he wants. Death is who he truly loves. And Death is the one thing he can never have. And I share his desire for the embrace of nothingness, the last threshold when one is allowed to lay down their burden, shed what they had been, and welcome salvation. I do not love him, and he does not love me. But we were in the same place, and I am the only person who knows the pain he went through, and he is the only person that knows the pain that I went through. We both know what it is like to know nothing but nightmares, not being able to go one night without waking up in a cold sweat, the stench of the Workshop in out nostrils. We have to bite the insides of our mouths to make sure that this is real, that we are not back there. I still remember what they did to our teeth. We deal with our agonizing past in our own ways: I alienated myself. He alienated his mind. When I see him, it is apparent that the Workshop did more than scar his body; it left irreparable chasms in his mind. He hides behind a faÁade of humor, shielding his insecurities from the world. But I see him. I know him. I will always be there for him, and he will always be there for me.
I remember the reason I was sent to the workshop clearly. I had been on a mission for Weapon X, and after realizing that the purpose of the mission was to kill innocents, I slew the team leader. The one difference between me and Wade: Iím a mutant. Heís not. His healing factor was grafted into him; mine was natural. Either way, both of us survived far longer than anyone else. The first time I entered the Workshop, half-sedated and bound down, I knew that it was a place of pain. Iíll never forget the deafening sounds, nothing but agony ringing in my ears. The only one who ever talked to me was Doctor Killbrew, and I learned quickly that his voice was the bringer of pain. In his presence, I have heard grown men cry to gods that they had stopped believing in long ago. No sedative. No morphine. Nothing to dull the pain as I heard the sound of my own flesh parting. I screamed until I couldnít recognize my own voice. I died countless times, only to reawake so I could experience another test, another day in agony. I donít know how long I was there. It could have been centuries. ThenÖ then he came. First he struggled, like they all did. Then he fell silent. Then he revived. He was like meóimmortal. He soon blended into the crowd of other victims, until one day he started to rebel. We were all thunderstruck. He taunted Ajax, insulting his, daring him to lay the blade on his throat. That was when he started to show us the way to freedom, and we all began to rebel in our own ways. Then he saved us.
I didnít know his name. I just remember a man so scarred that it looked like he was made of sandpaper that came in and cut my hands and feet off to get me out. He carried me down hallways, and when my hands came back he gave me a gun. When my feet came back he let me walk. We ran into some guards and I killed one. I donít know how, but we managed to free what few were alive. Those without healing factors didnít survive their first night at the workshop. We ran until we emerged into night air. I fell behind, years of starvation and death catching me off guard. I fell, and heard guards chasing me. They didnít reach me, because the darkness was suddenly lit by the flashing of two machine guns. He pushed them back, and I was safe. As we ran, he herded me away. He told me that he knew where the armory was, and together we blew the place to kingdom come. He told me his name: Wade Wilson. I told him mine in return: Junia Sorrows. We parted ways, but we have run into each other on multiple occasions over the twenty years since the Workshop, and still make sure to keep contact. Iíll never forget him. Iíll never forget what he did for me. And most importantly, Iíll never forget that under his rough and sadistic exterior, there is the pride of an eagle, the strength of a lion, and the heart of a man.
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Female Number of posts : 353
Age : 22
Registration date : 2009-06-18

PostSubject: Re: Once Fallen, a fanfic by Ameliaflower   Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:11 pm

I took a deep breath, holding for seven seconds before exhaling for seven seconds. She was here. I stood from my cross-legged seat under the tree and let the blood flow back into my legs as I searched the park. I saw her walking across the empty basketball court, and was surprised to see that she was alone. She watched everything she passed with a smile, and I felt anger roil in the pit of my stomach. She had already cast what had happened aside. She thought she was innocent. I started to make my way towards her, thankful that there was no one else at the park. She bent down and picked up a basketball, walked twenty paces away from one of the hoops, and shot. The ball bounced off the board and over her head. it his the ground and rolled...right to me. I stopped it with my foot, then used my toes to flick it up. I caught it, never breaking eye contact.
"Teresa Rourke," I said, drawing her name out with malice.
Her eyes narrowed as she tensed.
"Whoe'er ye are, I can tell ye tha' gettin' inta a fight with me is not a bright idea."
My voice stayed even as I continued.
"You misunderstand me, Siryn."
I lifted my hand, making her tense more, and showed her my palm as four two-inch claws extended. Her expression cleared, and she smiled at me, making my stomach wrench in disdain.
"So, ye are one o' us."
She raised an eyebrow.
"I come on behalf of someone you know well. In fact, I believe you ran into him two days ago."
She suddenly looked confused.
"...Wade? Wade sent ye?"
I shook my head.
"Again, you misunderstand. I come on his behalf, but I came on my own."
"Why? Who are ye? How do you know him?"
"You no longer are entitled to that information," I hissed violently, making her step back. "However, I came here to tell you to get the hell out of his life."
She blinked.
"I trust you remember what happened two days ago?"
"Of course I remember! That was when he attacked us!"
"He did no such thing!" I shouted. "He came on his own time, looking for you. Operation: Zero Tolerance was over!"
"And he acted as if it never happened!"
I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. As angry as I was, Wade would kill me if I harmed her.
"Did he really?"
"What do ye mean by that?"
"You have no idea how much he did looking for you. How many soldiers he killed so you wouldn't have to deal with them. How hot he was on your trail the whole time."
"I... I had no idea..."
"No, you didn't. What you said to him wounded him, and you just cleared the way for something worse. He probably would have killed himself, had he been able to, and what happened next..."
"What? What happened?"
I turned and started walking away.
"Something permanent."
"Wait! Where is he? I need to talk to him!"
I wheeled.
"You'll do no such thing! I came here to tell you to stay away from him, and you will. Because there may come a time when you know where he lives, know where he is going to be, and I will be watching your every move from now on. If you come within ten miles of Deadpool, I swear that you will be in so many pieces that not even Death will be able to put you back together."
She was at a loss for words, and I turned and once again started away. I was so far away that I could barely hear when she shouted:
"The Workshop! Ye were in the Workshop togeth'r!"
I stopped. I took a deep breath, but was walking again in few another moments.
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Once Fallen, a fanfic by Ameliaflower
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