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 Three's A Crowd

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PostSubject: Three's A Crowd   Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:59 am

Chapter one: New beginnings
(first part of chapter here... I'll delete the second part and just leave this link once I post the rest. It's 4 AM and currently only can access IPod, and can't upload to deviantart from here.
Don't ask why I'm up at 4 AM. Its insomnia/OCD/ADD, okay? XD)
Zephiri turned and managed to catch the glare of one of the many members of her 'family'. She whipped her head back to her front, trying to ignore the odd feeling she had gotten when looking into his eyes. She shook it off, standing guard outside the warehouse, like usual. One of Zephiri's tiger ears twitched in annoyance as nothing happened. And it happened again. And again. And again...
Nothing 'fun', to her definition at least, really happened anymore. Zephiri enjoyed fighting with her 'family', The Tigers, against the Dragons. It was just her nature to be aggressive. And she loved it.
So did her father. He led the mafia of the Tigers. Despite the name, not everyone in it was a tiger. In fact, Zephiri was the only tiger in it. Even her father was only a Doberman. Her mother was the tiger.
Now, Zephiri used to be different. She used to be a loving, caring person. But when her mother was killed by the Dragons in a public shooting, the innocence and love was ripped from her heart. Ever since she was a little girl, all she had known was violence and rage.
Zephiri sighed, leaning against the exterior wall of the warehouse. She felt a tap on her shoulder, looking at a Tomcat.
"I'm here to relieve you," he said. Zephiri nodded and stepped inside. She found her father straight away. He looked at her with a smile.
"Father, may I go into town? This weekend is becoming a tad... eventless."
Her father smiled.
"Sure thing," he said, handing her the keys to his car. Zephiri walked off, not smiling or really thanking him. She had lost any sense of kindness along with her innocence. Zephiri found his car parked around back. It was nothing special, just a black pickup truck. She got in, starting the car. She eased down on the gas, sighing as she pulled away from the warehouse on the docks.
She often thought her life could get no worse.
How wrong she was.

Suki was eating her noodles in peace at a small cafe. She was not far from Zenchi's apartment complex, actually. She had her laptop out and on the table. The news for the city they all lived in, Jokai, was her home page. She slowly scrolled down, checking out any news. Suki sighed, her wolf tail stopped wagging slightly. Another shooting, led by a mafia. When would they learn?
She swallowed another mouthful of noodles, pushing the now-empty bowl away from her. Suki had never known her parents. She had been an orphan since day one, her parents never have came to get her from the hospital after leaving her overnight like the doctor had told them to. She was put into an orphanage. Now, Suki had been a very kind girl her entire life. She had never done anyone wrong. Yet, fate never seemed to favor her. She was never adopted.
Suki had ran from the orphanage about two years ago. She had always wanted to be a police officer, but didn't have the chance since she was a runaway. So, instead, she took matter into her own hands. For the last two years she had been actively working to disrupt the two biggest mafia's of Jokai. The Tigers, and The Dragons.
Suki shut down her laptop, closing it up. She checked her watch.
8:30 PM. And a little more than a week before her 17th birthday.
She thought to herself, 'Another year gone by, another year spent alone.'
How wrong she was.
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Three's A Crowd
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