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 Twilight Falls Academy

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PostSubject: Twilight Falls Academy   Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:40 am



Twilight Falls Academy was once known for its great students and graduates who become the worlds best Pokemon trainers. It was once located on a small island where nothing bad could happen. Trainers went to class every day and trained their Pokemon every night striving to be the best. The special areas were open only because the stronger Pokemon were friendly and would cause no harm however this all ended in the year 2078. It started with one lie, and ended with another.


Trainers still join the academy to become strong, but now they are becoming strong for all the wrong reasons. Dark clouds embrace the academy as a neighboring school gets built. The Special areas are off limits because the Pokemon have gone haywire. Buildings are being destroyed, Pokemon are being stolen, students are disappearing and this all started happening when Duskdawn Academy came to town.


The future lies in the hands of the people. What will happen if Duskdawn wins? The once famous TFA school will be destroyed and humanity would be hopeless. People would live in a world of hatred and dispair. If TFA wins? Life will be back to normal.

Join us for the fight for freedom and most of all the right to live.


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Twilight Falls Academy
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