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 Everything Flower's Writing

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PostSubject: Everything Flower's Writing   Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:45 pm

Okay, wasn't quite sure where to post this, since there really isn't a gallery section or its ilk. This first one is my chronicle of a casual Dungeons and Dragons campaign I'm doing with my buddies. Or at least this one it. This is more just somewhere to stuff everything I think deserves to be seen, and also as an easily found reference.

The tiefling warlock felt the searing heat of hellfire all around him, the deathly black flames veiling the massive figure that was before him. The demon prince of undeath gazed down at him with glowing eyes, a grin on his bull's face.

"Why have you called me, master?"

The ten-story-tall, winged, and crimson red minotaur knelt down.

"You have served me well these years past. Think of this as... shore leave. Go to the surface and have some fun. Spread my wrath and cause."

The tiefling nodded and bowed, and his god dismissed him to the upperworld with a wave of his hand.

Assara's leg swung idly as she surveyed the map she was holding. So far, her trip had gone well, and she would be to the Capitol within three hours if she hurried. But after a long week's travel, she had decided that she had earned herself a day's rest, and was lollygagging in a tree, enjoying the sunshine and feeling of procrastinating. She was reading the map out of boredom, and slipped it back into its case when she decided that she would gain no enjoyment from it. She flicked her head and her hood fell, and she arched her neck to absorb the afternoon's warmth. Her deep brown scaled rippled on the surface of her hood, while the black and yellow bands on her neck and chin stayed flat. Her snake's head had been a constant inconvenience for her whole life, something she always had to go out of her way to hide. But now there was no one to see her, and she relished one of the few times to herself. There was a hissing as Coil slithered from the branch above andshoved his head under Assara's palm, earning himself a few strokes.

Suddenly Assara fell out of the tree and hit the ground hard, hands over her ears as the air pressure dropped a huge amount and a high-pitched ringing filled the air. She hissed and screeched as fine vibration caused even more discomfort, and when it all stopped as suddenly as it had started she lay there gasping and trembling. After a few seconds, she got up and was hit by the pungent scent of brimstone. Snarling, she strung her bow and knocked an arrow before stalking forward in the direction that everything had been radiated from. She stopped when she found a clearing, blackened grass angling outward as if an explosion had occurred in the middle. However, at the very center, there was a single tree that stood straight, totally untouched. And against it leaned a man with a dark cloak, the seal of Orcus on his shoulder and a... tail?
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Everything Flower's Writing
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