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 ameliaflower's characters

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PostSubject: ameliaflower's characters   Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:32 pm

Universe: Question

Name: Carrion(He keeps his real name hidden)
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Tiefling
Weapon: Hand crossbow, assortment of small knives, and a dagger he calls 'Draco'

Class: Fugitive

Appearance: Stands 5ft 2'. His skin is brick-red, and his eyes are luminous red orbs. Carrion has no pupils. He had red-black hair that he wears loos down his back. His horns are an unbroken line that starts above his eyes, extends to the hairline, and curves gently outward to the sides of his head. He has numerous scars, the biggest of which starts under his chin, spirals around his neck and down his back and ends at his left heel. Due to the worn black cloak he almost always wears, no one has ever seen this scar and he has never explained it.

Bio: He was born in Bloodcrest, a town that lives, rises, falls, and was created by crime. his mother was human, and died in childbirth. Being a Tiefling, Carrion was able to walk within a few hours, and learned how to feed himself after a few days. By the end of the week, Carrion was out of his mother's home. He grew up as a conflicted child stealing from thieves, running from guards, and hiding his face. By the age if 15, Carrion had managed to have 34 run-ins with the various mob bosses that controlled the city, and the normally rivals banded together to kill him. During the chase, Carrion found a thieving ring, leapt onto a stolen yearling, and managed to ride away, suffering intense injury. He wandered in the wilderness for months, and his wound eventually knotted into a ropy scar that was almost as long as him. He found a town, stole some gear, and set out for 'real' life. Since then his background is a little hazy, but his new lifestyle if firm. Travel, find town, settle into tavern, stay in tavern corner as long as possible, and return to road once riots break out in his honor.

Other: Has an extremely fast and powerful horse named Hellfire.


Universe: Blood War

Name: Kieth Tahir
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Weapon: A simple but well-made broadsword.

Class: Fighter

Appearance: He has very long tousled red hair that can't stay flat, clear blue eyes, and wears richly made clothes. His soft life of royalty has left him without any real-world experience, and so doesn't have any real scars or wounds.

Bio: Kieth was never happy in a palace. With two older brothers and no hope of being any more than a prince, he always felt that there was something more to life than ordering around servants. When he was thirteen he had a nervous breakdown due to inactivity, and his parents hired a swordsman to teach him to fight. This was a turning point of his life. He devoted his whole life to his sword study, and was so brilliant at it that he quickly surpassed his teacher. From fourteen to eighteen, he traveled around Tahir, learning from the greatest masters there were. When he returned, his parents had him accompany them as they paid their last respects to a dying prophet. He accompanied them, and when he entered the deathroom the prophet and he made eye contact. The prophet started to shout incoherently, and then the syllables formed words.
"There will be sixteen, two of each blood, who will hold the balance of the world in their power."
Kieth felt something snap within him, and he knew at that exact instant why he had been born, what his life's purpose was, and how he was going to do it. Without saying anything to his parents, his servants, or his brothers, he turned on his heel and marched out of the deathroom and mounted his warhorse and took to the road.

Other: He can fight extremely well, but doesn't have much social experience. He rides a large warhorse named Gonyar.

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ameliaflower's characters
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