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 Village Alchemist's Characters

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Village Alchemist


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PostSubject: Village Alchemist's Characters   Wed Jan 16, 2008 10:12 am

Wheee, here I go!

Universe: Sarithus's "Magic World"

Name: Viktor Elven-Blade
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf
Weapon: An elven shortsword named Red Bloom.

Class: Thug
Appearance: Stands 4'11" Blue eyes. Long blonde hair. Long beard and mustache that almost completely covers his mouth. Has a scar running along his left eyeridge.
Bio: At the age of twelve, Viktor was found deep in a forest by a travelling elven couple. He was unconscious and starving, with no recollection of his past. The elves took him into their home within a great elven city and tried to raise him as a son.

Viktor was never satisfied living among the elves. He often got into fights with neighboring children, and failed to understand the woodlore his parents tried to teach him. Instead, he learned to fight. He was different, and children--even elven children--often detest that. He learned quickly that people he injured did not make fun of him for being short and hairy.

At the age of seventeen, Viktor left the elven community. Just as he discreetly--or so he thought--snuck off, the local prince (whom he had managed to befriend) appeared to him. He gave Viktor Red Bloom, an ever-sharp shortsword, and wished him good luck on his travels.

For three years, Viktor roamed the Magical World working odd jobs as a mercenary. Eventually he found himself in the mining community of Malthamorgia, where he found himself a job keeping the dwarven miners "efficiency high."

Origin: Magical World.
Aura-pet: An armadillo named Jandar.

The armadillo represents a withdrawn person, hiding behind a cold exterior and never letting others see who he really is.


Universe: Markas Lucas's "Balanbar"


Race: Elf

Age: thirty-four

Appearance: Stands 4'2", skinny. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and the ubiquitous Massive Elf Ears(tm). Wears a green-died wool robe with many bags, pouches, and such hanging all over him. (No pic' as I don't have a scanner)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Alchemist

Ernest Wilkes was born in a village on the coast mainland Balanbar. His parents were elves from the foreign land of Tearengarde, where they had been persecuted as monotheist heretics among the polytheist elves. In human lands, they happily embraced the more accepting Narmese culture and gave their son a human name; Ernest, the name of the ship captain who had transported them away from Tearengarde, and Wilkes, after the town they settled in.

As a child, Wilkes spent many hours wandering about the forests of Balanbar, which his Wood Elf parents thought perfectly normal. He became affluent with the flora of Balanbar, and at some point aquired an interest in alchemy. At the age of sixteen, he went to Goldwood Monostary to study alchemy. At twenty-one, he became a paying member of the Alchemists' Guild and opened a shop in Narm City.

Wilkes often felt out of place among the humans of Narm, and eventually decided to visit his parent's homeland of Tearengarde. After spending two months there, he returned, but would not discuss his experience with his friends other than saying that he was "disgusted." From then on, he refused to identify himself as an elf.

Universe: Bethesda Softwork's "Nirn."

Name: Tuvis Venoth
Age: 153
Gender: Male
Class: Nightblade
Race: Dunmer

Bio: Venoth was born to two members of the Commona Tong in the village of Gnaar Mok. His parents taught him the ways of stealth and illusion, and he grew up to be a skilled nightblade. At the age of twenty, he signed up with House Hlaalu as a mercenary. Eventually, one Hlaalu lord hired him to kill the queen of an Indoril eggmine near Mournhold. He was caught in this act, and his employer denied being involved. So Venoth was hauled off to prison, where he is now.


Full name: Tarvs"Digits" Llerku
Name for other RPers to call your character: Digits, Tarvs, Tarvs Llerku, Llerku, or Mister Llerku
Race: Dark Elf
Age: 211
Focus: Stealth
Skills: Mercantile, arithmatic, short blade(he wields his quill pin with deadly percision!)
Class: Scribe

General appearance: Tall, even for a Dark Elf, and very skinny

Hair: Red
Eye colour: Orange
Height: 6"9'
Mental description: He had a very troubled childhood which has left him with a disdane for people in general. Off the job, he tends to lock himself up in his apartment reading. When he is in public on his free time, he is a consistant pain in the ass, constantly insulting...bugging...snorting....being a typically uptight Dunmer
Weapon: He wields his quill pen with deadly precision!

Armor: None
Clothing: An expensive blue robe with golden tassles, and typical expensive clothes underneath, with curly Elven shoes.


Universe: DJAtomika's "Fantasia"

Name : Andrew Bylunson
Age : 26
Instrument : traveller's guitar
Special skill : Teleportation. When a new song is played on the guitar, it is "anchored" to the place it is played in. If the same song is played again somewhere else, the musician may be magically transported back to the "anchor." The song, however, must have some connection to the culture or enviroment of that area (Jazz won't work in Singapore, country western won't work in London, etc.)
Favourite genre : western
Appearance : 5'9", lean build, white, blue eyes, long dirty-blonde hair. A small, closely-trimmed mustache. A long scar running the lenght of his left bicep.
Personality : Continuously restless, feeling an irrepresable urge to travel. Bylunson is of minor noble upbringing, and has kept the code of chivilry his father instilled upon him as a child.


Universe: My own "Ungadali"

Name: Uknurak Fvelvrdson, goes by the shorter name "Ukun."

Age: 32

Race: Thröngii (Dawn Caste)

Appearance: (ignore the fluffy white thing above his head!)

Occupation: Crusader of Peace

Bio: Raised in Elkhrryndor City, he joined the Crusaders of Peace and came to the Thröngii colonies in Verde at the age of nineteen to work as a guard at a missionary outpost. Three years later the River Moths, who took offense at colonies being built so close to their territory, went to war with the Thröngii Empire. In the proceeding battles, Ukun proved himself a great warrior, and was eventually promoted to the rank of leutinant. He is currently stationed at the Thröngii emabssy in Gadhuvi, the large Verdene trading city on Lake Vedali. He has been tasked with the hireing of mercenaries or bounty hunters to track down the Codices.


Universe: My own "Letalium"

Name: Edgaar Hardign
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: Highlander
Height: 4'11
Weight: 90lbs.
Build: Thin and wirey, but with decently muscled arms and legs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair length: Very Short
Eye Color: Brown
Clothing: Like this, but dirtier. Not that Edgaar looks anything like this guy himself, its just the clothing.
Weapons: Two steel daggers, one ornately carved and stolen; the other more plain, crafted and given to him as a gift by his late older brother. He also has a plain iron kitchen knife.
Background: Edgaar's family was the wealthy head of a prosperous brokering company in Kryzantine. Constantly coddled and protected from outside influence at home, Edgaar spent as much free time as he could engaging in escapist forays into the seedier parts of the city. He knows the ettiquite and literacy of a merchant-noble as well as the down-to-earth streetwise of a slumdweller. When the plague escaped the slums, the Hardigns were one of the first families to be stricken down. Edgaar and his younger brother, Eirok, were the only surviving members. Eirok was soonthereafter killed by wolves that had wandered into town. Edgaar now survives as a petty theif and looter but does the best he can to avoid trouble.
Personality: Mischevious and crafty. Tries to be "tough," but the blue-blood in him shines through like a lighthouse whenever he does.


Universe: Tigers-Peace's "Anthonool High"

Name: Luscious Heinman
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Wendigo

Powers: Immune to cold and pain. Immune to viral and bacterial infections. Does not require sleep. However, his hunger is never satiated and he must constantly seek out sustanance, preferably meat. Despite his neverending feasting, his body absorbs very little of the nutrients he takes in, leaving him eternally hungry and frail.

Physical Description: His curse has stunted his growth, and he stands roughtly 5'4." He is unnaturally pale. Unable to concentrate on much besides food, he has let his hair and nails grow long and dishevelled. He wears baggy clothes to hide his condition, but nude he practically looks like a skeleton with skin hung loosely on it. His blue eyes are sunken deep into his skull, and his hair is brown.

Personality: Luscious constantly tries his best to subdue his unnatural cravings. Constant hunger has left him with a short attention span, as part of his conciousness is always thinking about his next meal. He is uncomfortable dealing with females in any non-professional context, fearing that his curse will drive him to harm them. He is also not skilled at socialization, for reasons discussed in the next section of his profile.

History: Luscious's mother was a high-positioned member in a small satanic cult. On one occasion while she was unknowingly pregnant with another cultist's child, her cults sacrificed a kidnapped human to the powers of darkness, and she was asked to eat the remains. Complying, she was striken with the Curse of the Wendigo, driving her mad. She was unable to cope with her newfound powers and needs, so her fellowship was forced to lock her in a cell for the safety of herself and others. Soon she gave birth to Luscious. The cult was at first to frightened by this to allow the baby outside of his mother's cell, fearing that he would share the same cannabalistic urges. Observing him, however, the leader of the cult released him, seeing that unlike his mother he had some control over himself. Now the brotherhood was delighted at Luscious's "unholy gift," and the young wendigo was treated like a prince.

When he was four years old, however, the local police discovered that the cult had been sacrificing human lives to their evil master. Their chapterhouse was raided, and most of the cultists arrested. Luscious was sent to an orphanage.

Within months, the staff of the orphanage had given up trying to tame him. Cursed with unnatural hunger and spoiled by his former caretakers, they could not keep the boy from harming his peers. He was sent to a child mental asylum, where he lived until the age of fifteen.

Then, showing sufficient self-control to live in a less secure setting, he was sent to Anthanool High School. Unfortunately, he was not psychologically prepared to deal with the narcotics epidemic there, and quickly became addicted to several drugs.
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Village Alchemist's Characters
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